Taste the Magic at DEJA VU

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My Story

My first baking memory is sitting on a high chair next to the counter watching my mom while she stirred, mixed and made her amazing homey cakes. I remember the smell, the look in her eyes when she saw me eager to try a cake coming out of the stove. I can still taste the fluffy, delicious taste that lasted for a long time after. These memories pushed me to step into her shoes and recreate those feelings. Driven by memories and creativity I welcome you into my dream. Close your eyes and imagine what this taste would be like. Every pastry folds a unique memory into its fabulous layers of goodness.

These are my memories, share this Deja Vu.

It is all about creation.

Creating the perfect pastry for each one of you. Combining flavors, textures and memories that will make you feel this incredible joy from the first bite. Unforgettable taste that lasts.